Greetings Fellow Colorado Chapter Members:

First thing, I would like to thank the Nominating Committee, and the Membership for having the confidence in me to nominate and elect me to serve as Chapter President for 2019.

Greg Wheeler first reached out to me in 2012, asking if I would be interested in applying to the Board for 2013. My first response was no thanks. But then I paused and reflected on why I had been asked, and thought about what this Chapter does, and represents. I realized then what I already knew, that this Chapter is all about serving. I had started down that path early on, after getting involved with the Chapter in 2005, by joining the Code Change Committee. Shortly after Greg reached out to me, I responded that I would be applying for a position on the Board.

In the years since, while moving up through the Board, I have had the pleasure of working with many, many outstanding members, and with many past Presidents that have left some really big shoes to fill.

I would not be the incoming Chapter President, were it not for the support and encouragement of members like our Matriarch Becky Baker, Steve Thomas, Dan Weed, Gil Rossmiller, Barb Kuettel, Shawna Mozingo, Janine Snyder and so many others. And of course the now current Past President Tom Pitchford, and the Board Members I have had the pleasure of serving with over the past six years.

Other Members serving with me on the Board with me this year are;

1st Vice President, Scott Greer

2nd Vice President, Andy Blake

Secretary/Treasurer, Mike Sizemore

Directors Hope Medina, Cornelia Orzescu, Dan Reardon, Tim Maroney, and in his first year, Don Marchbanks.

As I look forward into the next year, my hope is that we continue to do the great work that this Board does, and has done. The programs that past Presidents, and the Board have started, that the various Committee Chairs sustain.

We need to continue to reach out to the younger generation, to mentor them. We need to get them into the trades, where we all know is typically where we get our future building code professionals. Working towards that cause is our own Building Futures Committee, and the Boards commitment to personally mentor, up and coming code professionals, as they are our future.

I know that this Chapter will continue to educate, in the tradition that this Chapter is recognized for, and been awarded for. This was apparent again this last national ABM, when Steve Thomas and Colorado Code Consulting was awarded ICC’s Educator of the year. This is on the heels of the Chapters Ed Institute having been honored with the same award just a few years ago in 2015. Our annual Ed Institute, which I believe is the very best preferred provider training, at the very best price, that anyone could hope to find in the entire country.   The Colorado Chapter itself has been awarded the ICC Chapter of the year, twice.

I would be remiss if I did not mention, last but certainly not least, the support of my wife of 36 years. She has tolerated the overnight Chapter meeting trips, week long trips to ABM’s and code hearings, all the time knowing that I will be doing it again, sooner than later.

I am looking forward to serving the Chapter as President in 2019, and to what this Chapter can, and will achieve.

Tim Swanson

President 2019