CCICC is Dedicated to Building A Safer World

The Colorado Chapter of the International Code Council is dedicated to the improvement of building safety, by promoting and improving the International Codes, educating the building industry, public, and our membership, and providing mutual aid to building professionals.

3rd Annual Colorado Chapter Day At the range



The officers for the 2019–2020 International Code Council Board of Directors, elected by ICC members during the 2019 Annual Business Meeting,  From left to right Steve McDaniel, Alan Boswell, President Greg Wheeler , Vice President Cindy Davis,  Secretary/Treasurer Michael Wich,Tom Peterson and Michael Savage.

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2019 Approved Bylaw Changes

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2020 Region XI Meeting

 Region XI  free day of training  August 23-27, 2020 Albuquerque, NM

Colorado Chapter Meeting August 20 and 21, 2020- Town of Eagle

Step out of the heat and into this training on Fire Hazard & Fire Rated Construction under the 2018 IBC



 Meeting Details

Meeting Registration August 20-21,2020

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Electrical and Plumbing guide lines for remote video inspection


From left to right

 Brandy DeLange, Colorado Municipal League (CML),

Dan Weed, Town of Victor

Becky Baker, Jefferson County

 Eric Fried, Larimer County

Greg Wheeler, Thornton

 Eric Bergman, Colorado Counties Inc (CCI)




Our Chapter has a rich and interesting history. Countless volunteer hours have been spent by many people throughout the years to set up the framework and traditions of the Colorado Chapter and many more by those who carry on these traditions of this highly respected Chapter.

We should all be extremely proud of what we have and our roots. Our past efforts help us continue to move forward, strengthen our reputation of our Chapter, and accomplish our mission statement.