CCICC is Dedicated to Building A Safer World

The Colorado Chapter of the International Code Council is dedicated to the improvement of building safety, by promoting and improving the International Codes, educating the building industry, public, and our membership, and providing mutual aid to building professionals.

Proclamations 2022 Building Safety Month

2022 Building Safety Month

Building Safety Month is an international campaign that takes place in May to raise awareness about building safety. This campaign reinforces the need for the adoption of modern, regularly-updated building codes, and helps individuals, families and businesses understand what it takes to create safe and sustainable structures.

The International Code Council, its members, and a diverse partnership of professionals from the building construction, design and safety communities come together with corporations, government agencies, professional associations and nonprofits to promote building safety through proclamations, informational events, legislative briefings and more. We come together to support Building Safety Month because we understand the need for safe and sustainable structures where we live, work and play.

All communities need building codes to protect their citizens from disasters like fires, weather-related events and structural collapse. Building codes are society's best way of protecting homes, offices, schools, manufacturing facilities, stores and entertainment venues. Code officials work day in and day out to keep the public safe.

Chapter Leadership Academy June 13- 15, 2022

The 2022 Code Council Chapter Leadership Academy will be held June 13-15 at the Renaissance Boulder Flatiron Hotel in Broomfield, CO. Click here to register.

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CAPMO May 19, 2022 Meeting

Join the Colorado Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials on May 19, 2022 and learn about Ceiling radiation dampers.

For more information please click on the link below.

22 05 19 CAPMO Jeffco

Free 2021 Energy Training

2021 IECC Weekly Series in July

Have you recently adopted the 2021 IECC or are you planning on adopting, or are you working on adopting the 2021 IECC?  If so, this is a two for one webinar series for you.  We are bringing the 2021 IECC to you.  On Mondays from 12-1 we will focus on the residential provisions of the 2021 IECC. On Thursdays from 12-1 we will focus on the commercial provisions.
7/11/2022 - Compliance Paths and Additional Efficiency Packages
7/18/2022 - Insulation
7/25/2022 - Air Barriers
8/1/2022 - Mechanical/Electrical
7/7/2022 - Compliance Paths and Additional Efficiency Packages
7/14/2022 - Thermal Envelope
7/21/2022 - Mechanical
7/28/2022 - Lighting

Free Energy Training

 2022 Wednesday Energy Webinars from 12pm to 1 pm


The link to register for Xcel webinars click  here

5/25/2022-Residential Best Practices
6/22/2022- Commercial Best Practices
7/13/2022- Commercial HVAC Systems
7/27/2022- Residential HVAC Systems
8/10/2022- Residential Duct Testing
8/24/2022-Blower Door Test
9/28/2022-Manual J Break Down
10/26/2022-Electrification & the IECC
11/23/2022-2021 Thermal Envelope
12/28/2022-2021 Lighting Controls

CEO webinars here

5/11/2022 Commercial Existing Buildings and the Energy Code
6/15/2022 Q and A session on Codes

2019 Approved Bylaw Changes

Click Here for the New and improved Bylaws

Electrical and Plumbing guide lines for remote video inspection

In Memory of Dan Nickle

Below is the obituary.

We will keep you posted on the upcoming “Celebration of Life” in Colorado this summer. Hoping to do this at W.O.W and/or my family's home in Conifer.


Memories shared by:

Steve Thomas- "That is such sad news. Thank you Shaunna for sharing this with us all. Our thoughts and prayers are with Glea and the rest of Dan’s family."

Tim  Pate

Gary Goodell

Tom Meyers

Dan Reardon

Tim Swanson-

"I did not know him that well, he was slowing down when I came into the Chapter. But I know he is a distinct and huge part of the Chapter history, and he will be missed. Thoughts and prayers go out to his family."

Hope Medina " This is very sad news to hear.  He will be dearly missed"



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Our Chapter has a rich and interesting history. Countless volunteer hours have been spent by many people throughout the years to set up the framework and traditions of the Colorado Chapter and many more by those who carry on these traditions of this highly respected Chapter.

We should all be extremely proud of what we have and our roots. Our past efforts help us continue to move forward, strengthen our reputation of our Chapter, and accomplish our mission statement.