Welcome to the Colorado Chapter ICC History Pages. These links will provide a look into our past including chapter history, original bylaws, chapter awards, chapter past presidents and board of director members, newsletters, year books, and interviews with past presidents. Our Chapter has a rich and interesting history. Countless volunteer hours have been spent by many people throughout the years to set up the framework and traditions of the Colorado Chapter and many more by those who carry on these traditions of this highly respected Chapter. We should all be extremely proud of what we have and our roots. Our past efforts help us continue to move forward, strengthen our reputation of our Chapter, and accomplish our mission statement.

CCICC's History page will be reconstructed and updated in 2024.  If you have items you'd like to add to our Chapter history, please contact Shaunna Mozingo at [email protected].

A View Back

Our Original By-Laws

Dating from September 1956 along with a copy of the application to the "Pacific Coast Building Officials Conference". Click here to view them.


Beryl Wallace Award - honoring a chapter member for outstanding service.

Sis Wallace Award - recognizes the “over and above” efforts of deserving spouses and friends of the Chapter

President's Award - given by the president for any reason as long as the recipient can demonstrate the traits of “exemplary and extraordinary achievement in support of the foundation and framework of the CCICC.


COLORADO CHAPTER Awards-  Summary of  awards  given and received by the Colorado Chapter of the ICC


View a variety of newsletters and annuals produced by the Colorado Chapter over the years...

Click on a year below to see either the newsletters for the year or the 'annual' for the year. They range from the 1960's forward to the 90's. For more recent news, click the newsletter link on the left.