J.R. Whipple, P.E., S.E., Knott Laboratory, LLC and SEAC Members. Snow loads vary greatly across the Rocky Mountain region and across different roof types. This course is intended to provide architects, engineers, contractors, plan reviewers, and building officials with a better understanding of the ASCE 7 and ICC requirements for snow, rain, and ice loads on buildings. The instructor will discuss damage to roofing materials and exterior siding components as a result of hail impact and ice dams. The course will discuss the ramifications of roof slope, roof shape, roofing material, ponding, and rooftop retention of snow, ice, and rain. The instructor will discuss the effects of snow, rain, and ice on the structural framing and foundation including the subsequent effects on wind and seismic loads for buildings and will include the effect of rain, snow, and ice loads on additions and structural repairs. The course will include the Structural Engineers Association of Colorado (SEAC) Ground Snow Load Report and Map. This report includes updated recommendations for snow loads across Colorado and provides Building Department personnel important information regarding their snow load requirements.

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