Mark Campbell, Code Compliance Associates. The course is a combination of didactics, hands-on practical and demonstrations. This will be a tested class. Various JPRs identified in NFPA 1033 will be addressed along with concepts of evidence based upon NFPA 921, Kirk’s Fire Investigations, Forensic Fire Scene Reconstruction, and Fire Investigator – Principles and Practice to NFPA 921 and 1033. This class will provide the student with practical knowledge and information required to build, burn, and analyze a reduced scale enclosure (RSE) to test their hypothesis as identified in Forensic Fire Scene Reconstruction. The students will be provided with a scenario related to a room and contents fire. They will be presented with a ¼ scale RSE, which has been burnt prior to the training, without any students observing the burn. The students will quickly determine that the witness statements and physical evidence of the fire scene do not match.

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