General Building Inspector

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$60,215.24 – $77,080.59 Annually


The General Building Inspector position provides the community with a service designed to produce structurally sound and safe buildings. The position also includes inspecting structures for fire restrictive construction and concern for providing a healthy and safe environment for building occupants, which is provided through scheduled inspections at various stages while the building is constructed. Work is subject to periodic checks and reviews by a technical superior.

The full salary range for this position is stated above. The starting range of pay is dependent on qualifications and experience of each individual candidate. The City of Westminster offers a bonus of up to $1,500 per year depending on the employee’s fluency in Spanish, Hmong, and/or Laotian.

This position is a 40/week position with a typical work schedule of Monday-Thursday, 7:00 am to 6:00 pm.


The mission of every employee at the City of Westminster is to deliver exceptional value and quality of life through SPIRIT.  Each employee is measured by the ability to adhere to the City’s core values of Service, Pride, Integrity, Responsibility, Innovation, and Teamwork.

This position supports the goals of the Community Development Department, which plans, promotes, and sustains an attractive and high quality living and working environment by facilitating appropriate land use and infrastructure decisions, ensuring that the community is developed in a safe, aesthetically pleasing, and maintainable manner.

Every employee is accountable to:

  • Demonstrate a high level of customer service; encourage others to focus on the customer; foster an environment where customer service is a priority.
  • Communicate with customers to ensure that, where possible, they are satisfied, and that their needs are being addressed; solicit and evaluate customer feedback.
  • Act as an ambassador by understanding and fostering the organization’s mission and vision.
  • Exhibit pride in self, the department, the city, and the community; conduct self in a professional manner.
  • Demonstrate integrity and builds trust through credibility, reliability, commitment, loyalty and ethical behavior.
  • Address difficult or contentious issues in a constructive manner
    Support/promote change; demonstrate flexibility, and take calculated risks when appropriate.
  • Participate in personal growth opportunities, and attend trainings designed to enhance capacity to bring new skills and ideas to the job and the organization.
  • Work to continuously improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the service or product being delivered.
  • Demonstrate support for team efforts by accepting new roles and responsibilities, and helping others achieve objectives.
  • Value diversity; demonstrate an awareness of differences; demonstrate sensitivity, and adapt behaviors and communication to accommodate these differences.


Citywide – Every employee in this position is accountable to:

  • Establish effective interpersonal relationships through honest, open communication and follow-through on commitments.
  • Recognize personal strengths and weaknesses, and target areas for personal self-development.
  • Demonstrate initiative in performing job tasks.
  • Exhibit problem-solving skills leading to sound judgment and quality decisions.
  • Achieve goals, and handle assigned workload and new assignments effectively; demonstrate an ability to work independently.
  • Communicate effectively with individuals and groups using clear and concise verbal and written communications.
  • Demonstrate accountability for work, and take ownership in job performance.
  • Demonstrate concern for the accuracy and quality of work; take steps to correct mistakes and improve the overall product.

Job Specific – Every employee in this position must be able to:

  • Demonstrate working knowledge of design and construction.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of possible defects and flaws in building construction and of effective corrective measures.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of applicable building, plumbing, and mechanical codes.
  • Exhibit knowledge of building materials and building material standards, modern construction, and material assembly practices.
  • Read plans and specifications for new and existing structures.
  • Communicate verbally and in writing with engineers, architects, builders, and the public.


Essential Job Functions, Duties, Responsibilities, and Tasks:
1.   Secure and maintain compliance with City, county, and state codes and regulations governing the construction, alteration, and repair of buildings
2.   Inspect visually a variety of buildings and construction projects and:

  • Determine whether plans, workmanship, and materials conform with legally established requirement.
  • Verify possession of valid permits for all new construction, alterations, major repairs, and additions to building.
  • Verify compliance with approved plans.
  • Inspect building, plumbing, and mechanical work.

3.   Inspect old and dangerous structures for safety, structural, and other hazards
4.   Interpret and explain building ordinances, codes, and regulations to builders, contractors, home owners, and other interested parties
5.   Operate a City vehicle in a safe manner
6.   Maintains regular and punctual attendance
Other Duties and Responsibilities
1.   Work independently on field inspections, and make decisions exercising technical judgment; however, they consult with a technical superior on more difficult and unusual cases
2.   Prepare and maintain necessary records and reports
Incumbent is accountable for all duties of this job, and other projects and responsibilities may be added at the City’s discretion.


Education, Experience, Skills, Formal Training, Licenses, and Certifications Required:

  • Graduation from high school or GED.
  • Minimum two (2) years of experience in the building or inspection trades.
  • ICC Certification as a building inspector.
  • Maintain a valid driver’s license and safe driving record throughout employment


  • Mechanical and plumbing certifications.
  • Minimum one (1) year inspection experience.
  • Strong combined inspection skills including structural, plumbing, and mechanical areas.

Any equivalent combination of education, training, and experience, which would provide the required knowledge and skills, may be considered.

Physical Requirements
The position of General Building Inspector is physical in nature, and involves:

  • Constant standing and walking on uneven terrain in various conditions to perform inspections; constant squatting, bending, and kneeling to perform inspections at various sites.
  • Frequent sitting to write reports and drive to and from inspection sites; frequent twisting to inspect site structure and electrical wiring.
  • Occasional crawling to inspect multi-level structures; occasional climbing and balancing on ladders, stairs, framing, and step ladders at unprotected heights to look for structural hazards; occasional reaching overhead and below shoulder to manipulate tools and equipment.
  • Frequent light grasp, hand manipulation, and handling needed to use equipment; occasional firm grasp is needed to manipulate tools.
  • Frequent stepping up/down to get in and out of vehicles, trenches, and foundations; frequent actuate mechanism needed to safely operate vehicles.
  • Frequent use of far acuity to detect hazards; constant use of near acuity to write reports and perform office tasks.
  • Occasional lifting and carrying of up to thirty (30) pounds 100 feet to move ladders from vehicle to inspection site; occasional pushing/pulling of up to twenty (20) pounds to open garage doors and overhead doors.
  • Occasional pushing/pulling of up to twenty-five (25) pounds with dollies and carts.


Work is frequently performed indoors and outdoors, and occasionally under extreme temperatures.  Frequent hearing is needed to provide a high level of communication and customer service to contractors through spoken word in a noisy construction environment.
Required Materials and Equipment
Computers, both desktop and tablet, tape measures, levels, calculator, telephone (office and cellular), light ladders, small hand tools, office equipment, radios, boots, hardhat, safety glasses, gloves, and light pick-up truck


  • Background checks will include employment references and criminal history, and when applicable, credit check, driver license record, and education verification.
  • Drug screen.
  • Must be legally entitled to work in the United States

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